Private Classes in Your Home

We provide comprehensive childbirth education classes in Milwaukee with a twist: take the reigns on what YOU are interested in and want to learn! Choose a few topics or take the complete series to get the best possible start in parenthood. Each session lasts approximately 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours, so please plan appropriately when signing up for classes.

Class fee: 

  • $100 per class in your home or $500 for the full series in your home

If you are looking for group classes please visit Mothering the Mother, Inc to see what they have to offer.

Full Childbirth Education Series

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Are you looking for a full and comprehensive childbirth education series held privately in your home?  Then these classes are exactly what you are looking for.  You can register for a full series for $500 or individuals classes for $100 per class.  

Our series includes:

  • Nutrition, Warning Signs, Signs of Labor, Exercise
  • Stages of Labor
  • Labor Support (Natural Comfort Options)
  • Medications and Medical Interventions
  • Postpartum and New Baby
  • Putting it All Together
  • Breastfeeding and Feeding Your Baby

To learn more details about each individual classes and what will be covered please see below.  

In order to purchase this package please click te link above, schedule a phone consult with me so we can schedule your classes (you must pay for the classes when you register for the phone call).


Nutrition, Warning Signs, Signs of Labor, Exercise

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In this class we will help you understand proper pregnancy nutrition, help you to understand warning signs and signs of labor.  We also include some simple exercises to help your body prepare for the big day.Please come prepared to do some simple stretching exercises.
Class length: 2-3 hrs (please plan accordingly when scheduling)

Stages of Labor

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Learn the ins and outs of the various stages of labor.  In this class you will learn what the stages are and what to expect during each stage.  
Class length: 2-3 hrs (please plan accordingly when scheduling)

Labor Support Techniques/Natural Comfort

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This class is essential as you and your partner prepare for the big day.  This class teaches both expectant parents and their partners techniques for comfort, progressing labor, and so much more.  This is a very interactive class, so please be prepared to move, learn and have fun.
Class length: 2-3 hrs (please plan accordingly when scheduling)

Medications and Medical Interventions

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In this class you will learn not only about medications and medical interventions, but you will also learn the risks and benefits.  When you leave this class you will be prepared to make educated decisions on what is in the best interest of you and your baby.
Class length: 2-3 hrs (please plan accordingly when scheduling)

Postpartum and Newborn Care

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Unsure of what to expect after the baby comes?  Learn all about what your mind and body will be going through physically and emotionally after the birth.  We discuss how life will change after baby, and also learn about normal newborn appearance, procedures potentially performed, sleeping and feeding patterns, safe sleep, comforting baby, and more.
Class length: 2-3 hrs (please plan accordingly when scheduling)

Putting it all together

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You have carefully chosen your healthcare provider, your birthing location, and taken your childbirth education classes.  What else can you do to increase the chances of having the type of birth you desire?  Attend the Putting it All Together class to maximize your chances.  This class is all about fine tuning:

  • What questions should you ask your provider and birthing location?
  • What should go on your birth plan?
  • How can you enhance your comfort in your birthing location?
  • How can partners fine tune their support to make it the best birth possible?

Breastfeeding and Feeding Your Baby

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 We’ve got you covered here! Our childbirth education classes offer you an understanding of all your options, techniques and the different stages of feeding for you and your baby. 

There is a heavy emphasis on breastfeeding in this class. While we do talk about formula feeding the goal of this class is to help make your breastfeeding relationship a success.  

Specific topics included are: 

  • Anatomy of the breasts and how they make milk
  • Benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby
  • Breastfeeding techniques (latch and positioning)
  • Pumping and storing breastmilk
  • Breast issues and concerns and how to handle them
  • What to do when things aren't going as planned
  • Formula costs and how to prepare formula safely according to the
  • World Health Organizations guidelines
  • Introducing solid foods at an appropriate age