About Me - a Doula and Educator in Milwaukee


MS.Ed, BS.Ed , LMT,  ICCE, ICD, ICPD, ICPFE, IAT(CE-D-PD), MCH, PNCC, CCCC, CPMT, CHT, CEIM  (see below for explanation of initials)

A little bit about me

 Michelle is the Founder / Director / Program Coordinator of Mothering the Mother and the owner of Milwaukee Doulas. She started Mothering the Mother in 2010 because she saw a huge need in the community for quality care from professionals for those women who couldn't afford services.  

Michelle's interest in working in the birth field began in 2001 when she was pregnant with her 7th child (she now is the happy mother to 9 children).  At the time she was pregnant with her seventh child her doctor suggested that she and her husband, Bradley hire a doula for their upcoming birth.  Her doctor felt that hiring a doula would help them achieve the birth that they were looking for and also to help calm her husband's nerves so that he could be more involved in the birth (unfortunately Michelle birthed her daughter before she was able to find a doula and that birth was filled with many unnecessary interventions and stress).

After that birthing experience Michelle knew that birth could be better and the seed was planted.  Michelle spent the next two years thinking about the importance of doulas and how much she had wanted to be one.  Unfortunately at the time she didn't think it was realistic for her to pursue this dream.  Finally in 2003 while she was working on her masters degree in education she decided to take the plunge and work towards becoming a certified birth doula and started her own birth business.  It was very hard running a full time business, working on her master's degree, and working towards doula certification/owning a doula business, but her persistence and passion paid off.  In 2003 she became a doula and in 2004 she graduated with her masters degree, and at that time she realized that education in the school system was not her true calling, so she completely threw herself into the birth world and started to study more and more and earn more and more certifications.

When Michelle began her work she started out working with teen and low income mothers - after a few years of doing that she moved onto the more traditional family, but her passion for teens and low income women never left.  In 2009 after she gave birth to her 9th child she decided to enter nursing school, and while there really realized that she still really needed to follow her passion and through that passion she created Mothering the Mother Incorporated (https://motheringthemotherinc.org) - a nonprofit organization that serves all women (catering especially to the underserved population who are not able to afford the services of a doula, classes or lactation support).  She has now thrown herself fully and completely into operating Mothering the Mother, left nursing school  and is so happy for the support that her husband and children have given her - at times doing this work is not fun on one's family, but they truly are her cheerleaders in work and life!   

In 2016, Michelle decided to open a pregnancy and birth related store called Beyond the Birth (http://beyondthebirth.org), and in 2017 she decided to re-open her private birth business, Milwaukee Doulas (https://milwaukeedoulas.org) where she offers childbirth and new parent education, birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and lactation support.  

Michelle believes in always continuing her education and advancing her knowledge.  To learn more about all of her trainings, certification and education please see below.  Michelle currently holds a license as a massage therapist, and has certifications and/or advanced training as a birth doula (and trainer for ICEA), postpartum doula (and trainer for ICEA), childbirth educator (and trainer for ICEA), infant massage therapist, prenatal and postpartum fitness educator and hypnotherapist.  

Michelle believes very strongly in participating in her community in addition to doing birth work.  In 2014 she started to travel the United States and train individuals who want to become birth doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators and who want to learn more about early lactation.  In 2016 she started her path to becoming a La Leche League Leader and now leads a group in West Allis. In addition to the work she does with Mothering the Mother, running her store, Beyond the Birth, her private birth business, Milwaukee Doulas, and traveling to train individuals she is very active in her church, and other community organizations.  She is a member of the Early Childhood Interagency Council, is a board member for the PKU Organization of Wisconsin, as well as her extensive involvement with  ICEA (International Childbirth Education Association) as a board member and a Board Chair of the Postpartum Doula Program, and chair of the mentorship program.    

Michelle's Education/Trainings and Certifications

Professional Massage Therapy Program (Lakeside School of Massage Therapy) / September 2006
Masters of Science in Education (Walden University) / April 2004
Bachelors of Science in Education (Alverno College) / December 1999

Certifications & Licenses:
La Leche League Leader / December 2016Maternal Child Health Specialist / October 2016
Hug Your Baby Certified Educator / April 2016
ICEA Approved Postpartum Doula Trainer / September 2015
ICEA Postpartum Doula / August 2015
American Heart Association CPR and AED training for the Professional Healthcare Provider, June 2015
ICEA Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Educator / June 2015
ICEA Approved Birth Doula Trainer / June 2015
ICEA Approved Childbirth Educator Trainer / January 2014
ICEA Birth Doula / January 2014
American Heart Association BLS&AED for Professional Healthcare Providers / April 2010
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) / December 2008*
ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator / October 2007
Institute of Somatic Therapy - Prenatal Massage / September 2007
Institute of Somatic Therapy - Infant Massage / September 2007
Massage Therapy state licensed (license #3819-046) / December 2006
National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB) / November 2006*
Member (American Alliance for Hypnotists) / May 2005*
Adult CPR, Infant CPR, Emergency Basic First Aid, Cognitive AED Skills / September 2006
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (New England Institute of Hypnotherapy) / June 2006
Master Hypnotherapist and Weight Management Specialist (New England Institute of Hypnotherapy) / October 2005
Advanced Hypnotherapist (New England Institute of Hypnotherapy) / August 2005
Certified Hypnotherapist (New England Institute of Hypnotherapy) / August 2005
CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula / May 2005*
CAPPA Adoption Certification / May 2005*
Happiest Baby on the Block Certified Educator / December 2004*
CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator / September 2004*
CAPPA Approved Labor Doula Trainer, August 2004*
CAPPA Certified Labor Doula / March 2004*
DONA International Certified Labor Doula / December 2003*

Professional Trainings:
Still Birthday Doula Training / January-February 2017
Rehab Your Social Media Marketing Strategy - Advanced Techniques, Tools and Best Practices / January 2017Developing a Business Plan for Your Private Practice / January 2017La Leche League Leader Training / December 2016Aromatherapy for Health Professionals / December 2016Stress Management During Turbulent Times: Understanding, Treating and Managing Stress / December 2016Overcoming Compassion Fatigue: When Helping Hurts / December 2016Marketing Essentials for Health Professionals / November 2016What is Cultural Competency? / November 2016
Effective Online Marketing / November 2016
Maternal Child Health Specialist / October 2016Overcoming Compassion Fatigue: When Helping Hurts / September 2016
Hands on Help for Headaches / September 2016The Significance of of Childbirth to the Birthing Person: Influences of Care and Place For Birth / September 2016​Learning Through Our Senses / May 2016Cultural Diversity in the Patient Care Environment / April 2016
Ethics in Therapeutic Presence / April 2016Hug Your Baby Train the Trainer / April 2016Hug Your Baby Certified Educator / April 2016Hug Your Baby: Roadmap to Breastfeeding Strategies / January 2016
Hug Your Baby: Hug Strategies / January 2016
Hug Your Baby: Helping Parents Understand their Newborn / August 2015
American Heart Association CPR and AED training for the Professional Healthcare Provider, June 2015
ICEA Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Educator  / May 2015
LGBT Sensitivity Training for Healthcare Workers / May 2015
ICEA Facilitating Early Lactation Training / March 2015
ICEA Childbirth Educator Training for continuing ed / October 2014
VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesaran) Training / October 2014
Social Media Strategy /August 2014
Delegation Strategies for Managers and Supervisors / August 2014
Caring For the Sorrow of Pregnancy and Infant Loss / April 2014
Bereavement Training / April 2014
Perinatal Mood Disorder training / February 2014
Coaching and Mentoring, including Personality and Learning   Style / January 2014
Engagement.  Culturally Responsive Practices and Strategies / January 2014
Role of Self Care and Reflective Practice / December 2013
ICEA Doula Training / November 2013
Goal Planning and Family Teaming / October 2013
ICEA Childbirth Educator Training for continuing ed / July 2013
Supporting Moms, Supporting Babies - Domestic Violence / April 2013
Parents as Teachers / April 2012
Home Inventory Training Part A / November / December 2011
Strengthening Families / November 2011
Parent Cafe / November 2011
ASQ Training / October 2011
Home Visitation Training / October 2011
Facilitator Training / September 2011
Great Beginnings Start Before Birth / September 2011
Trauma Informed Care / August 2011
Supporting Infants and Toddlers / August 2011
Couple to Couple Natural Family Planning Teacher Training / July 2011
Brio Birth Educator Training / January 2011*
DONA International Postpartum Doula Training / November 2010
Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) / December 2008
ICEA Perinatal Fitness Educator / September 2007
American Heart Association BLS&AED training for Professional Healthcare Providers / June 2007
Institute of Somatic Therapy - Prenatal Massage / February 2007
Institute of Somatic Therapy - Massage Doula - February 2007
Institute of Somatic Therapy - Infant Massage - February 2007
Adult CPR, Infant CPR, Emergency Basic First Aid, Cognitive AED Skills / September 2006
ICEA Childbirth Educator Training / July 2006
CAPPA Advanced Adoption Training / May 2005
CAPPA Postpartum Doula Training / December 2004
Happiest Baby Educator Training / November 2004
Perinatal Mood Disorders (prenatal and postpartum depression issues) / October 2004
Hospital based couple's massage class / September 2004
DONA Advanced Labor Doula Training / September 2004
CAPPA Childbirth Education Training / August 2004
Teen Support Professional Training / July 2004
DONA International Birth Doula Training / March 2003
Couple to Couple League Natural Family Planning Training / 1996
*Certifications that Michelle chose not to renew, but held at one time. 

Wondering what all of Michelle's initials stand for?

MS.Ed - Masters of Science in Education

BS.Ed Bachelors of Science in Education
LMT - Licensed Massage Therapist
ICCE - ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator
ICD - ICEA Certified Birth Doula
ICPD - ICEA Certified Postpartum Doula
ICPFE - ICEA Certified Perinatal Fitness Educator
IAT(CE-D-PD) - ICEA Approved Trainer for Childbirth Education, Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula
MCH - Maternal Child Health Specialist
PNCC - Prenatal Care Coordinator
CCCC - Child Care Coordinator
CPMT - Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist
CHT - Certified Hypnotherapist
CEIM - Certified Educator of Infant Massage